Tuesday, 17 June 2014

FINALLY it's time to chill out...

Finally feeling like my summer has begun, I have around two weeks before I jet-set off anywhere and spent the first couple of these days in Edinburgh with Florence literally being massive bums.

I arrived relatively late Sunday night so after a quick catch up slept in Katie's bed. Appreciating that it was a double, completely starfished! The next morning the weather was BEAUT! As Florence mentioned: 'I think you're addicted to sun' which I wouldn't argue with we went for an early morning jog up blackford. Although steep the views were worth it, it was nice just being outside, running but not caring about the time or distance.

Daisy Chain and Sunshine

The rest of the day was so chilled, can't remember the last day I literally did so little!! We stayed inside watched some football, played some football in the sunshine! Florence made me a daisy chain :D I was loving life in my dungaries...literally haven't taken them off in like three days! I decided to teach myself to do keepy-ups (I have no clue how to spell them!) and got to eight!!! Had bare chats, when you have a friend you can just chat rubbish at is the best, you can say anything and they won't judge. Meant I blabbed a lot of rubbish, in particular about my love life...'I'm not a slut, I'm just free'. LOL I mean if I was a boy I wouldn't be a slut! Just cus I'm a girl doesn't mean I am only allowed to be desperately weak and pathetically in love with one boy? As me and Helen read the previous week in Cosmo (I know preaching from Cosmo cannot be a good sign): 'I love you, I just love me more'. I've just got a lot of love for myself right how…and food...and sleep and training. OH AND GYM! Haa and the rest of the day consisted of exactly those things (minus the gym!). We went inside did some baking. Made some cookies and apply traybake, did all the mixing - working on my guns you see ;)

In the evening I went for some orienteering sprit-intervals around black field where I'd jogged in the morning. They were super fun, it was So STEEP!! At one point I had no control and was sliding off the side of this steep bank...I got mud all up the side of me. Couldn't read the map and had covered my Durham top and hands in mud! There were four 1km efforts that I did, was exactly what I needed, hilly but fast and on the last two had to really focus and remind myself to RTFM. so many stinging nettles and overgrown parts though so some routes were compromised and I had to peg it around paths instead!

Bought some eggs for tea afterwards, going into supermarkets post-run, covered in mud, blood and sweat makes me feel a little self-conspicuous. Not going to lie I was well aware that I smelt and looked a mess. #athleteprobs OH WELL. Least I'm being healthy right?

Had omelettes and of course stuffed my face with cake and cookies in the evening, whilst watching the Iran v Nigeria World Cup match which was appalling. Got myself Instagram too...went a little crazy on the first day of getting it. #wastingmylife #instagramlove can you tell?
Instagram Love

Following day, Florence went to the gym, I slept, washed up (domestic goddess...shame I can't be this good at uni) spoke to my ma on the phone. Literally feel like I should be the mum and make her do what I say: don't go to work, chill out, take some time off. She is a complete hero and does so much, burns the candle at both ends and never rests! And I wonder why I never seem to be able to sit down and chill out...it's in the genes. Can't wait to get home to see her though, make it easier for her to be her busy self by being a domestic goddess again hahaha. It’s okay, my mums cool; she has snapchat. Is it bad that she is my bestie on it?!

Back to Edinburgh...for the rest of the day before my train home we played football, ate strawberries and cake in the sunshineee :)

A couple of days of food, sun, training and Florence was just what I needed. A chance to see what non-busy, non-travelling, non-orienteering people do with their lives was refreshing but I would quickly get bored!

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