Monday, 9 June 2014

Exams, Tiomila, Bla Bla Bla

So I've been useless with my blog...had Tiomila, my first one which was awesome experience. Actually was it...I always just write this and then might not actually mean it. Okay correction it was a difficult experience. I obviously enjoyed being with people in LOL, the atmosphere in it is awesome but felt pretty stuck/trapped in my orienteering habits which were too vague and not disciplined enough to do as well as I wanted. I was also too focused on racing, not the actually race. Stressing about my fitness, exams, and previous orienteering performances - trying to find confidence and pulling at straws. Anyway I spoke to my parents about it afterwards and also Heather (who came up with a method to help J), I did write down everything in my head but don't want that to be on here...hahaha it is emotionally irrational and the definition of "chimp speak". Which is from this new book my dad sent me recently over the exam period. He decided to send this to me after a 'heated discussion' about my training and the amount I should be doing, especially with exams that affect me mentally! I haven't got far through it but it theorises you have the human thoughts which are rational and appropriate and then the chimps thoughts which sometime slip through and are emotionally driven!

My housemate always picks up on my chimp and how it comes out when I'm tired saying I have “no filter when I get tired...just blurt any old rubbish out without a second thought”! Which to be honest I don't think is all bad as then people know where they stand with me right? Instead of being a closed book I am easy to read :) ha.

Anyway exams went well, I did a lot of work for them and felt superrr clever! So would have been pissed if they hadn't gone well. I don't get overly stressed about them although I was a little stressed this year trying to train well and although I forgot about Tiomila and my orienteering issues they were all still there waiting for my head to sort through them.
My nails suffered badly and now keep breaking and I can't stop biting them even though exams are over! #girlsprobz

With exams now over I can spend more time updating this ha, learning Norwegian and being a social butterfly AHAHAHAHAHA and training...and geeking and all that. It's all about balance kids :P ALTHOUGH slight beef coming, no JWOC PARTY?? WTF?

Very tempted to email the organisers and tell them I am English, where the drinking tradition is high. And I have GIVEN IT UP. 107 days now guys btw...completely clean, and JWOC party was my chance to drink again. Obviously I think I will need like a shot now to get drunk but still. I was banking on the JWOC party making up for the others that I have missed. But not anymore pffft. I'm going to make my own party. Which I think others will do and it will probably turn out more of a mess than if they had an organised one. Grrrrr.

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