Friday, 9 May 2014


See, you can just tell by the title that this one went better ;). Haaa, so this testing was the follow up from the testing before in September to see whether my trainings been good and paid off. Again I was not optimistic going into it but I was happier and more secure that even if I didn't have it down on paper, shown in a nice graph that I wasn't built to run or hadn't 'improved' I could still be fit and good enough at orienteering to be the best.

Again my weight had gone up....coaches can think what they like and put it down to fat, but I was stronger and to me it felt like muscle mass. My dad always says if you lose too much weight you begin getting weak, ill and injured which is true and over the winter I hadn't been ill of injured once! HAAAA. So I am chunky and strong but if that means I am better than the thin, model looking weaklings I don't think I'm going to complain when their bodies break and mine don't. ANYWAY enough bitterness, the testing went okay, don't really know, didn't really care that much!!

Afterwards I didn't dwell on it, was far too busy with university work and sorting out my life that I didn't think twice about it until the results came through a few weeks later.

By that time I had already been home and run in a 5km road race that I used to do when I was still at home every month. Since I'd started doing these my life goal was to get sub-20 and although on this particular time my legs were sore from squatting the day before I actually got this!! The course was 50m too short which is soooo frustrating working out from the pace I was running I still would have managed sub-20!! My best before this was 20.19 so I had taken a massive chunk off.

This was literally just what I needed and secured in my head that my training was going well, I was good and on track even if I had out on weight and I couldn't do vO2 max tests :P

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