Friday, 9 May 2014

Orienteering Hype

The fitness hype carried on as whilst I was home I went to Wiltshire Councils Sports Award Evening (Link to Wiltshire Page), which I was invited to as I received a grant for a grand from Wiltshire, which I had applied to on the spur of the moment, just thinking, they can only say no! It was a great evening, with a SEVEN COURSE MEAL ahaha, black tie (took my little brother with me as my guest) and radio interviews and shit loads of photos!! I LOVED IT! I managed to cram my face with food -never turning down the appetizers whilst getting to know the people on my table, who worked at M.J.Church an Event Waste Management company donating funding for the grants! The next day I was listening to the radio for about two hours waiting for my interview to come on (on BBC Wiltshire)...which yes I recorded. The event also got into the local newspaper and for an evening in my life I actually felt like orienteering was getting the respect I wanted it to have!

When I got back to university after this I attended my college sports presentation evening. I was sat on the women's football table which was awesome - we were very loud, asked to be quiet a few times ;) but we won the team of the year award!!! Only conceiving three goals in the whole season! And also I won a surprise award of the colleges Highest Achiever which was so unexpected but I was thrilled :D

I was also emailed in this week, congratulating me that I'd been awarded TeamDurhams Athlete of the Week!! And was asked to go into the sports union for a TV interview which can be viewed here :LINK TO ATHLETE OF THE WEEK INTERVIEW. Absolutely over the moon! Was feeling pretty famous then ;) hahaha

The last awesome thing to happen over march as that I was asked to be the motivational speaker at Durham High School for Girls Sports Presentation Evening. The previous day I ran up to the school to meet the head of PE who was a complete sweetheart and organising the evening the next day! It reminded me of when I was back at school, an although a little nervous before delivered a 15 minute speech about school sports, balancing orienteering and work and the troubles trying to be a sportswomen at school when being a sweaty, dirty mess wasn't exactly a trend setter. Afterwards I got to award the prizes and many teachers and parents congratulated me saying my speech, 'Came from the heart'. It was a great experience speaking in front of over 300 people and actually being able to make them laugh with my witty humour ;) 

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