Monday, 15 April 2013

British Sprint and Middle Championships

Haven’t written a blog in AGES…would say I’ve been busy but I haven’t :L Selections for JWOC have come out WOOP WOOP I got in :D

Okaay so there has been the British Sprint and Middle championships…which was held in/near Loughborough. Excellent weekend…we had all the JWOC squad (cept some slackers who had school/exams ;)) together to ‘bond’. Saturday morning I managed to get a lift down to the event at a ridiculously early time of 7 in the morning with the Maxwell family (VERY GRATEFULL!) saving me from an even earlier start and train journey! So having got into the assembly I sussed everything out before heading off to the start in my short shorts…WEATHER WAS STUNNING!! There was a heat and a final in which I was running with the W21E’s too so I knew I still had to run well to get into the A-Final. I was starting in the same minute as Katie and Charlotte, who both beat me back in…but of course I decided I had the longest gaffle with the most climb etc :P managed to get in the A-final but was one of the last qualifiers so had an earlier final start time (which wasn’t announced until VERY LATE so was a bit rushed to get ready but with my ‘pre-race preparation’ being awesome (aka non-existent) I managed to cope :P)

The race was great bants…there were LOADS of Loughborough students out and about tanning, Frisbeeing, BBQing etc etc making it hard to focus when they were shouting abuse…I was asked if I was winning at one point, replied no which they all loved and began shouting motivational comments (probably in pity that I was running round with a map trying to look cool :P) ALSO ran into a tree in front of a different group…SO SMOOTH!! 
Anywaaayy…had a pretty decent race and came 7th (two minutes down on the pro’s: and 7 seconds off Charlotte Watson – the winner of the W20s) ALTHOUGH check out the split times for the run-in…BOSSED everyone ;)

That evening I found out I had an incredible tan line (aka wife-beater burn line L)..attraaaactive! Also that evening there was a quick meeting and a pub meal with the rest of the team :D Not too many strenuous meetings etc as we all were focused for the British Middles the next day. 

Weather wasn’t as beaut on this day and when I arrived I realised my preparation was crap…looked at the area and it looked mingeeeennn! The start was in the assembly field which was so exciting and then the course sent you straight into this rocky (VERY ROCKY) technical part…I was SO sneaky though and worked out where my no.1 was in the start box (very proud of myself)…still it didn’t help, had to walk as running in the first bit was almost impossible whilst navigating perfectly!!)  After the first part there was some RAPID terrain which I was LOVING :D everything is soooo much more exciting when you can run fast! and then the run-in…UPHILL. Complete Joke :( waaahhh finished 1st though so I was sooo happy…AND even got asked to do an interview…FIRST EVER :O thought I would say something stupid and retarded but I think it went okay!! 

Hahaa anyway, it was a good day and I was really happy when we set off back to the accommodation.
NOW’s MY blog so I can say what I like but that evening we were told the JWOC relay teams. After having been to Denmark and JWOC last year running in relay with Charlotte and Florence I had naturally come very comfortable with imagining the relay team as us three but during Sunday evening we were told that this wasn’t going to be the case and Florence wasn’t in the team. This was said to be because she was “subject to fitness” after getting a stress fracture and not running in many selection races. She’d had the fracture in her shin since February (although it wasn’t diagnosed until middle of April!!) and was working through exercises and progressing, all be it, slowly to running again. (Note she ran in Denmark, in the team which came 2nd with the stress fracture…bloody impressive no?). I know Florence, if we told her to run in the relay team, even if she wasn’t fit enough, she would do it or absolutely kill herself trying. Nevertheless, Zoe's in the relay team instead :) she's perfectly capable of performing as well as any of us with plenty of experience at JWOC so no hard feelings there at all, just being through a lot with Florence has made us close and I knew how much the relay meant to her.

After this draamma it didn’t take long the group dynamics to return back to normal and we finished the night with a couple more meetings (where there was a special consideration of the Party and how awesome it’s going to be ;)) HAHA.

Having waaayy too much fun ;)
Monday, the last day of the pre-jwoc camp we all packed up…fed the ducks (we were staying by a canal :P) and left for some quality Relay training, planned by Kris Jones. We completed 4x1km in which a relay scenario was created and we all had to race, head to head/chasing people down to the finish. It was a fun way to finish the weekend so thanks to Kris and the other coaches and people that made it happen!

A great weekend with excellent training and exciting racing, It has definitely made us all excited for JWOC this year


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