Saturday, 13 April 2013


OOOKAY…a blog about my life at home now…soooo I’ve been putting off revision for my exams later this year (decided to take everyone – except my parent's advice ;) – that first year is easy so I should chill out a bit). Haa been at home four weeks now…and I don’t know where it’s all gone :S At the moment it’s just me, my little brother – Harry and my parents at home; older sister and brother aren’t at home anymore, so secretly I know harry loves it when I come home as he has someone to annoy -_- he’s currently learning to juggle...and although really decent at it has to show me every time he tries something new (boreee).

So I’ve been training and on Monday selections for JWOC came out :D:D :  so motivation for the next couple of months is high. Been out on my bike a couple of times to give my legs a rest, wearing my new cycling top :P Been on a ride with dad and harry, both pretty surprised that I am not bad at cycling ;) yesss!!…which annoyed harry as I don’t ‘do any cycling training’ where as he claims he does :P I don’t ever really train with my family though…Harry very occasionally and at most do some strength and conditioning in the sitting room with him. Although it can get a little crowded and we always start laughing, which when trying to do core IS IMPOSSIBLE :L

Dad searching for food ;)
Been trying really hard to sort my diet out but don’t have enough will power :L If I didn’t train I think I would be massive :’( ALTHOUGH I get it from my dad…caught him the other day <---- climbing on the cupboards to get to the crisps :P HAHAHA..couldn’t resist taking a you <3

Cornwall :D
Trying to save up for the summer too, every holiday I go back to working at my local pub to get some dollar…normally spend it on clothes before I get a change to put it in the bank -_- Got LOADSS planned this am in the process of choosing what to do and not :S but I want to do it all…got a lot of orienteering planned (of course!) and then some holidays with friends and still needing to see my family at home a little bit :P Have also just joined Lillomarka Orienteering Club, SO EXCITED! So that has given me some more training options too!! Going to Cornwall next week :D We own a caravan down there by the sea…gives the family a chance to chill out. Harry is off to Portugal for World Schools next week! SO JEALOUS…the two years I did world schools, I got to go to Scotland and Spain (where it was reaaalllyy rainy) :L nonetheless I wish him luck and will be watching his races online at :D Better win lil bro ;)

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