Tuesday, 1 January 2013

The beginnings...

OKAY!!! I'm starting a blog. EXCITING. The main reason for starting it is to keep track of my life, this year (2013) I have already done shed loads of orienteering and training and want to remember it all!

So for some background detail, I started University last year in October in Durham and have been adjusting to student life over the past few months. I'm studying Natural Science (which yes, you can call the most indecisive degree ever...) where I am specifically interested in Biology, Geography (HUMAN geography...don't have time for rocks!) and Psychology (although I am dropping this first chance I get...not interested in how pigeons and rats can be trained!).
Orienteering has been pretty MASSIVE in my life..ever since I can remember...soooo basically a long time. I  have hated it at times, thinking it grossly unfair that my parents were making me go running around in mud and the cold for fun but i appreciate it now and am not too bad at it. Best result was last summer where I went to Junior World Orienteering Championships in July in Slovakia which was AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE and am hoping to top my performances this year...so high hopes for the Czech Republic this July!

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