Sunday, 13 January 2013

Durham City Relays

13 Jan 2013

So  after arriving back in Durham on the Saturday, I’d already clogged my weekend up by saying yes to run in the Durham City Relays along the river! I decided to race in my BRAND NEW SPIKES that I was given as a present by my parents for Christmas, so was super excited to see how they would turn out, as well as a tad wary that my feet were feeling a bit battered from a muddy/wet run the day before which had caused my feet to develop a whole new set of blisters :/ Anyway I was first leg, running for Durham City harriers (So also sporting my relatively new BRIGHT ORANGE running vest-which I have got to say I LOVE, even though it goes against all fashion trends :P). Not knowing the standard of the field I started with was hard…so I set of WAY TO FAST and having to do two laps of a set route killed me, being knackered after the first.

I ALSO FELL OVER. IN MY NEW SPIKES! Raging. Spikes are supposed to STOP falling over from happening…especially in the muddy fields I was running around for this event! I realised it was because of my running style and that I heel strike, so, with there being no metal spikes on this part of the shoe, I had no grip and ended up finishing the race with mud up one side of my leg. ATTRACTIVE. Also being new to the club, I hadn't yet met my second leg running…which meant I was a bit hesitant at the finish, when I couldn't spot another bright orange person at the finish, however she quickly noticed me and sprinted off! The team did pretty well, with our first team destroying the whole field so overall a good (but muddy) day and good start to the university term!

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