Wednesday, 19 June 2013

CZECH- JWOC training

Our pension in Petrikovice
I had been ill before flying out to the Czech Republic (since my last fell race on the 29th of June) and it was being stubborn and sticking around. However during my trip away I got better – Orienteering’s obviously just so good for you it made me better :P  So I met Charlotte at Newcastle and we flew to Prague, unfortunately there had been lots of rain and Pragues metro had become flooded meaning our journey across Prague (to Cerny Most, where we could get the bus to our accommodation in Petrikovice) was difficult. We ended up getting a taxi to make it in time for the last bus (only just!!) and had to walk about a km at the other end with our bags in the pitch black!! A little scary but the owner of the accommodation was lovely, waiting for us with his daughter (who could translate!).

Getting excited for Orienteering ;)
Luckily there was Wi-Fi at the pension so we organised our travelling for the next couple of days on the JWOC areas. Most I’d already been to but it was really good to blast around the areas, making the final adjustments to my orienteering. On the second day there we managed to get a lift and entry organised for an event in similar terrain to the JWOC long. We wouldn’t have got there without the help of Jan Petrzela and his club who were wonderful and helped us out massively, so lots and lots of thanks to them, we really appreciate it! The race was a little longer than the JWOC distance but proved very tough and highlighted the importance of a really really good route choice. We both did really well and won some random goodies (I won a bag and calendar, Charlotte winning a gorgeous rain coat which I told her she had to have a photo in :P).

Another training day we went to Ostas, an area with MASSIVE rocks on the far part of the map. They were awesome reaching high into the sky with little passages between them! We decided you could hold an awesome ultra-sprint there!! This area was a little way to travel to get to with a hefty walk at the end…we managed to get lost on the walk home (too much chatting!!) but luckily made it to get the bus! The travelling around wasn’t ideal, to be honest, but we just about managed it, had some difficulties finding bus stops and getting off at the correct stations but somehow it all come together!

The lake on the relay area...
Towards the end of our training camp we moved to the official accommodation for JWOC and spent two nights there fitting in some relay training. It was pretty sunny this day and we were by a lake so went for a cheeky swim! The training was so good here…LOVED IT SO MUCH!! Although it took me 50 minutes to find the start in the morning (trekking around this forest for 5km!).

With a few more maps, notes and feeling positive and excited about JWOC (now in two weeks) we left Hradec Kralove and traveled to Prague before flying separately to Finland for JUKOLA…

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